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Redfern Street, Redfern

Clutter, coffee, kimchi, mismatched furniture, pastries and performance spaces.  We see you, Redfern Street.  Here are our five of our top picks: 

  • Moon Park

    34b Redfern Street

    Moon Park is a Korean bomb. It was the first restaurant to set new standards in Korean food in Sydney – and they are high. Broaching both traditional Korean and modern takes and introducing us to less well known flavours, like seed biscuit – made from a combo of linseed, perilla seed and sesame seeds. “People normally focus on the heat but there is so much more to Korean food” says Chef Ben Sears. And he lightheartedly calls his ssam (wraps) Korean burritos. And the beverage list is Korean heaven: soju and rice wines and plum wine and beer (cocktails and a traditional wine list if you must). Go!

  • Tapeo

    80-82 Redfern Street

    At Tapeo organic bakery, café and tapas bar sit side by side. Dan the Man makes a mean coffee. Classical French pastries dominate the style of this all gluten free bakery. Yum. Yum. Yum. They even had my favourite dessert: Floating Islands (or Iles Flottantes in French). Organic bread. Free range eggs. Breakfast all day. International night time tapas with Middle Eastern overtones. Wines. Cocktails. Beers. Ciders. Jars and jugs. And there is love, and that is how we all want to be fed after all. 

  • Coffee Tea & Me

    93b Redfern Street

    Clutter – mismatched furniture – cascades down Redfern Street. Old school chairs. Laminex tables. And you’d nearly miss the hole-in-the-wall café entrance if not for those tables and chairs lining the street. There has never been a truer use of that hole-in-the-wall description. It is tiny, but people in the know hang out here. It has had the nod. For coffee. And for Sunday morning bagels.

  • 107 Projects Inc.

    107 Redfern Street

    107 Projects Inc. is a vibrant new artist led multidisciplinary arts space that runs regular exhibitions, performances, music and multi-arts event programs as well as occasional workshops, panel discussions and film screenings. The space at 107 Redfern Street, Redfern is a place for creative practitioners to perform, exhibit, develop new works, hone their skills, engage in workshops and continue to grow professionally. 

  • Seasonal Concepts

    122 Redfern Street

    Seasonal Concepts is a veritable cornucopia of bits and bobs. Things to put on your dining table. Things to decorate your home. It is also the treasure trove that new small bars use for their vintage fit outs. And the place where film and magazine stylists get their kit. Unlike some other vintage shops there is no clutter, no dust. It’s a great place for an adventure. And knowledgeable Ken Wallis has a yarn or two to tell.