The Church Of Clitori

Kate Young
4th Oct 2023

This is not my first time kneeling down at the vulva alter. Having been a proud self proclaimed devotee for as long as I can remember. Sadly life’s obstacles and aging has seen me less committed, you could say I’m non-practicing these days.

Feeling starved of some guidance and seeking refuge I made my way to Sydney Fringe Festival in hope that I could once again find my way.

Tucked away on 169 (insert 12 year old boy giggle here) Castleraigh Street, an almost blink and you’ll miss it boutique hotel was about to become home to an intimate gathering. Here other vulva enthusiasts joined me for an hour-long sermon - celebrating, singing and praising the goddess of female pleasure. 

We began by bowing our heads and gave thanks to the High Priestess’ Labia Majora (Lillian Rodrigues- Pang) and Labia Minora (Malika Reese) who would lead us in tonight’s service; opening their loving arms (and legs), they invited all persons present to raise their fingering fingers sky ward, here we would surrender to our adoration and praise for the one and only clitoris.

The Church Of Clitori is a tongue in cheek, interactive performance that is all things educational, historical and biological. This two- women show will have you in stiches as they poke a little bit deeper into the myths and mysteries that surround this bulb shaped organ. For centuries the clitoris has been dismissed, demeaned and misunderstood. But no longer shall its name be said in vain.

The driving forces and talented performers behind the church, Lillian Rodrigus - Pang and Malika Reese have created a space where one can worship and honor the clitoris. It’s a space that celebrates the reclaiming of both female power and sexuality without feeling ashamed. Yes this show is largely geared towards woman and why shouldn’t it be, for far too long men have renounced, ruled and repressed our bodies, its time that we reclaimed our sex: however the true virtuosity of both these performers is making everyone feel welcome, no matter your gender or sexual orientation, the goal is have fun, have a laugh and maybe break down a taboo or two along the way.

So what can you expect... haha the easiest answer is just about anything!!! Its all most like a surreal dream. Run similar to a church service our two leaders enter both dressed in flowing pink robes and adorned with clitoral jewellery. In this church you will find Her-books instead of Hymn books, songs of worship include “ Amazing Clit” and “This little clit of mine”, there’s a 101 history class that’s dedicated to gods and goddesses, at one stage two audience members became visual representations of different types of vulva’s by being draped in such things as scarves and bowers (remember they are just like snow flakes…no two are the same), throw in a money making pitch or two about gifts for the avid worshiper such as a greatest clit cd, or a vulvas of the world colouring book, there was even a chance for audience members to share their Clit discovery stories. However the climax to end ceremonies came when a giant curtained vulva was erected on stage and worshippers were baptised by stepping through the holy hole and initiated into the Clitorati

The Church of Clitori was a joyous, hilariously funny, educational and inspiring show, that’s not afraid to “go there”. Sometimes all we need is accurate information about our bodies, even if it at times it makes people blush. 

So whether you own one or came out of one there is something that will resonate with everyone. Word of warning though, this truly is an interactive show, so the more you put into it the more you get out of it (That’s what she said). I highly recommend going with a group of friends, I myself went alone but invited a trio of woman to join me at my table and I’m so glad I did, as they had an absolute ball and their enjoyment of the show defiantly fueled my own. I left feeling satisfied and strangely more educated about my own (ha-ha and everyone else’s) body.

... So In the name of the finger, the tongue and the holy cum a(wo)men